Do AirPlay products need a constant blower to stay inflated?

No, AirPlay products are known as sealed-air inflatables. A pump is used only to inflate the piece and, if you like, to deflate it quickly.

Can I use any air pump?

You can use any air pump with the appropriate nozzle which delivers 3.5 psi or less. They are not to be inflated with high pressure.

Is AirPlay for outdoor use?

Sure, but remember when using the products outdoors that you have to consider things like wind and uneven ground. You also have to be sure that the product is not used on hard surfaces like concrete, or abrasive surfaces which could puncture it. They should also not be used on surfaces which will heat up in the sunshine, like pavement. More details are in the product manual.

Is AirPlay for commercial or residential use?

Both. AirPlay products are designed with heavy duty materials and are manufactured in the same manner as quality on-water inflatables used in commercial application. There is no sewing – AirPlay seams are heat welded.

Could the product ever leak?

Of course. All inflatables, including car tires for example, may occasionally leak. But repairs are simple and a patch kit and glue are provided with the product. Most leaks are very small and you may only notice them over several days. You can locate the leak using soapy water. Instructions are in the manual.

So what does the warranty cover?

Punctures are not covered under the warranty, just like with your car’s tires. The warranty is there to protect you in case of irreparable seam failure, which is rare, or a failure of the internal structure, which is even more rare.

So can AirPlay be used on water?

No! On water products have the same construction as AirPlay but they have anchors designed to keep the inflatable from drifting.

For what ages are AirPlay products appropriate?

It depends on which product is of interest. An AirVolley has a broader range than an AirRoll, for example. It also depends in some cases more on size than age. One important consideration is the age range at any one time. Some products may be fine for both 4 year olds and 8 year olds, but that doesn’t mean they can play together at the same time.

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