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  • So just what is Aeroball?One intense, vertical action sport!

    So just what is Aeroball?

    One intense, vertical action sport!

    Almost like volleyball, not quite like basketball, and not a mere trampoline, Aeroball merges all these into the Ultimate Sports Experience!

  • Aeroball for All

    Aeroball for All

    The Aeroball line consists of one inflatable game and three traditional steel frame games. The inflatable game is made of commercial grade vinyl and accommodates two players. The steel frame games are available in three sizes.

  • Traditional Aeroballs

    Traditional Aeroballs

    The traditional Aeroball steel frame games consist of a durable powder-coated frame, a spring-loaded heavy duty fabric housing, separate double-skin jump surfaces, and double-wall court separators for safety. No tools other than a ladder are required to assemble the Aeroball into a stable, solid unit.

  • Playing the Game

    Playing the Game

    The game is very simple. Players score points by throwing the ball in the top hole of the opponents net. Meanwhile the opponent has to time the jump to block the shot. Unlike basketball the Aeroball nets are vertically mounted to allow for hard, direct shots rather than looping shots. The ball is made of soft leather with soft fabric stuffing.

  • Feel the Intensity

    Feel the Intensity

    Even though the game is simple, players quickly develop complex techniques to one-up each other. Imagine rocketing skyward clutching the ball and getting ready to shoot. You look up to see your opponent perfectly matching you. Time slows to a crawl as you hang in the air, waiting as long as is humanly possible to launch the ball at the goal. Gravity stakes its claim, your opponent starts falling and you hurl the ball missing your opponent's fingertips by mere inches. Goal! In a heated match, inches are often the measure of the margin of victory. Players reach astronomical heights in the competition for vertical superiority, and before long they begin to invent spectacular shots to disorient, distract or intimidate their opponent.

  • Health Benefits

    Health Benefits

    Aeroball represents the evolution from the Original Gordon’s HiBall™ offering enhanced safety. Rebounding offers amazing aerobic exercise, exhausting even the most athletic people in minutes. In addition to aerobic exercise, Aeroball exercises muscles that ordinarily never get an opportunity to be pushed. It quickly builds balance, coordination, focus, and relative motion recognition skills. The best part is that all of this is secondary while playing. Players never realize how tired they are until they stop after a point and are shocked to find that they are completely breathless!

  • Who would install an Aeroball?

    Who would install an Aeroball?

    Aeroball is great for any place where fun and fitness are valued. Our clients include gyms, trampoline centres, kid’s camps, campgrounds and schools. AirVolley is well suited to the rental market as well. Although all Aeroball are commercial grade, they are compact enough for backyard residential use.

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